SureCare Franchising


The Market

Our society is witnessing a period of demographic change and, for the first time in British history, there are more people in the UK aged 60 years and above than there are under 18 years. The UK population is living longer, resulting in an increase of age-related conditions, many of which lead to people requiring help and assistance to remain within their own home.

We know that if you live a long way from your elderly or sick relatives, have a young family of your own or a heavy workload, then it’s often extremely difficult to provide them with the care and attention they require during the working week.

The combination of an ageing population and the growing popularity in home based care has seen the demand in home care services growing at an extraordinary rate. The UK Home Care Market is now valued at a staggering £6bn with two thirds of this being spent on the over 65s. Alongside elderly care, we strike to provide essential services for people of all ages and abilities, from babysitting and mobile crèche facilities, to help for those with living with dementia.

The Opportunity

SureCare is working in a vibrant, growing market with continuing opportunities as the result of an older population and younger working families. The government and private individuals are now putting more emphasis on care within the home as opposed to residential care for many client groups.

The homecare market, therefore, offers a promising and secured economic future within a growing and recession-proof market. SureCare’s quality care packages are available to both private paying clients as well as to those who qualify for funded social care. The introduction of direct payments by the government now gives people the freedom to choose SureCare as their preferred home care provider.

We offer the opportunity to create your own successful business in one of the fastest growing sectors in the UK, offering you both financial rewards as well as satisfaction in knowing you are providing an invaluable service within your community.

Training and Support

We need our franchisees to have the knowledge and confidence to be able to deliver excellent customer service from day one of their SureCare franchise operation, so before any franchisee is able to trade, they must complete a one week intensive training course at our Central Office.

In addition to the training program, we offer ongoing mentoring and fantastic levels of support in key areas such as finances, operations, recruitment, marketing, business development and care registrations and accreditation's.

You will be able to take advantage of the SureCare central marketing support which includes marketing literature, merchandising materials, website, PR, business stationery and many other items which are often beyond the reach of start-up businesses.

Your Exclusive Territory

As a SureCare franchise owner you will operate your business within an exclusive territory which is large enough to support the growth of the business. We use bespoke software to help us divide the territories in line with the local authority boundaries. This allows us to provide you with detailed demographic data to help choose your territory in the beginning.

Literature & Marketing

We will provide you with a complete start up pack including letter heads, business cards, banners, leaflets, flyers and brochures which we will tailor to your specific territory. SureCare also operate an effective and ongoing PR strategy to help build brand awareness and generate media coverage locally and nationally. All new franchisees benefit from an exclusive PR campaign to assist the launch of their new franchise business.

Gaining New Clients

We offer support and guidance on how to communicate the benefits of our services to the most relevant audiences so that you can gain new clients and grow your business. You will be required to meet people and build relationships with referral sources across the care sector including your local authority and social services teams.

The strength and reputation of the SureCare brand will help you to gain new work through word of mouth recommendations and our growing network of franchisees

means that you may also benefit from leads created by a neighbouring SureCare offices.

You will receive ongoing support from our own marketing and PR campaigns which are all designed to promote the brand as a whole and intended to set SureCare apart from the competition.

Website & Social Media Our website is prominent on all leading search engines and is an effective source for new customer enquiries. All franchisees are given a profile page on our main website which can be used to promote their services as well as to recruit staff. Our national Marketing & PR Campaigns will help drive visitors to your website.

Social Media is one of the most powerful tools in SureCare’s marketing strategy. We operate an effective and ongoing social media approach, which enables us to communicate our services to millions of online users. We also encourage franchisees to use Social Media as this gives them the capabilities to create a strong personal connection to prospective customers. Our central office marketing team are on hand to train and support franchisees in putting an effective social marketing strategy in place.

Recruitment & Research

Using our experience we will assist you with an office search as well as senior staff recruitment. We will offer you good advice and guidance on research in your chosen territory.

Your Investment

There is an initial investment required to start a sustainable SureCare franchise. The amount will vary to some degree depending on the area you choose to operate and the ownership of the premises you operate from.

Our franchise fee is £36,000 (Ex. VAT). With an ongoing service charge of 5% (Ex. VAT). We estimate an investment requirement of between £70,000 - £90,000 which includes working capital and the franchise fee. Once we have jointly established the true capital requirement we can then discuss how this capital is raised and deployed.

Whatever that amount many be, you will need access to 30% of that amount as direct cash from your own resources, the balance you can raise from our selection of financial partners.

Potential Earnings

Next Step

If you like what you’ve read so far and can identify with the SureCare franchise opportunity then we would love to hear from you.

The next step would be to call us up and tell us a little bit about yourself and find out where we can offer you a territory. We will then invite you to meet the SureCare team at our central offices and discuss the opportunity in further detail.