Socatots & Brazilian Soccer Schools


We proudly develop and support two football coaching brands: SOCATOTS and Brazilian Soccer Schools.

Together they form one continuous training programme which we proudly govern and represent. 

Join our network and by opening and running your own business under the Socatots and Brazilian Soccer Schools banner, contribute to our vision!

Our comprehensive franchising system will help you in successful developing, growing and monitoring your business.

A career as a franchisee is not for everyone, however. Our brand stands or falls on the quality of the franchisees that we work with. We only accept candidates whom we feel are going to be exceptional ambassadors for our work and have all the requisite skills needed to operate the franchise.

Your individual circumstances are important; we do not believe a franchise can work without your full involvement in the business. Whilst we wish to attract like-minded people with a genuine enthusiasm for youth football you must also demonstrate the necessary business acumen as it is this that will create the platform for the football to flourish.

Running a successful franchise requires a long term commitment, a degree of financial investment but most importantly a hard working and hands-on approach to running a football organisation and business.

For the successful candidate there is the opportunity to work full time in football and combine your passion with your work. The financial rewards are also there, but they are there for the earning, not the taking.