Snack Aid


Why Apply for a job when you can BUY a job!

This is a Franchise Opportunity, not an Employed Role. It requires a minimum investment of £4,259 for stock. Earn up to £30,000 per annum.

Low Cost Home Based Snack Franchise

Over 50 territories already sold!
No fees forever and no sales experience necessary
Packages available to quickly launch your business with 300 sited boxes
You only pay for stock and display boxes
Flexible hours, Ongoing support
Leave anytime you want (no penalties) and then sell off your stock to recoup your investment
Bespoke database to automate your delivery rounds to make life easier!
Simple business to run and no experience necessary

Snack Aid is a leading company in the fundraising snack sector and is the exclusive snack selling partner of the very popular children's charity Make-A-Wish Foundation UK. Using our franchise network (which you now have the opportunity to become part of), our products are sold from Make-A-Wish branded honesty snack boxes, which are sited in various workplaces, retail and leisure establishments throughout local areas. When customers buy a snack they help raise money for Make-A-Wish as well as provide an income for our franchisees who supply the local service. Anticipated annual income (profit) is £20,000 to £30,000 but as this depends on your input and the hours you put in, it obviously cannot be guaranteed, so it could be lower or higher. With one of the world’s biggest and most popular children’s charities fronting your business, your products will always be in demand!

No Fees

For your peace of mind, we do not charge any fees of any sort, and that’s forever! You can also leave anytime you want without any penalties. Your investment is always covered by your stock which means you can easily recoup your investment by simply running down your stock, should you decide to leave this business.

How It Works

We give you a large exclusive territory and provide you with stock and snack boxes on competitive terms; the price includes the charity donation too, so all the money you collect is yours to keep. In the first few weeks your business will start to be built by placing boxes in suitable locations and you can either place the boxes yourself or we can do it for you depending on which package you choose. Suitable locations are offices, school staff rooms, pubs, hairdressers, shops, doctor surgeries, care homes etc. Customers buy the snacks for £1 each and place their cash in the concealed money box. Every two or three weeks, you return, remove YOUR cash and restock with more products - it’s that simple!

Franchise Packages

We offer different options so you can decide what suits you best. Package 1 costs £4,259 including VAT and offers a mix of 7360 sweets, flapjacks and cakes, which retail at £1 each, 350 Make-A-Wish display boxes and everything else you need to get started. We also offer packages from just £4,910 inc. vat, that include us physically siting 300 boxes for you so your business is up and running in just 2 - 3 weeks.

What We Require From You

You will need to have a friendly pleasant personality and a desire to be successful. All you need to get up and running is some storage - a garage or spare room is ideal (or alternatively you can rent storage space cheaply) and a dependable car. You will need working capital of approximately £2,400 on top of your franchise package for purchasing your first stock order. After this your business will be self financing from your takings.

Try before you buy

As part of your training you will accompany us on our own rounds to experience the business 'hands on’ before you decide to join us. We will also provide you with a simple bespoke database to automate your rounds. This prints off your weekly rounds in a logical route order in one click and will make your business significantly easier and more profitable.

With over 50 territories already sold, we are a fast growing, personal and friendly company with impressive support and great customer service. Check out our website testimonials!